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Testimonials from Educators

From Educators

“It was a pleasure to work with Mara when she served as the keynote speaker at our UJA-Federation of Northern Westchester Women’s Philanthropy Event on May 17, 2012. Mara’s lively and informative presentation of social media issues of today’s youth stressed the importance of parents’ maintaining an ongoing dialogue with their children about the ethics of their behavior. Mara brings her passion and positive approach to the ever expanding social media world of tweens and teens. She enthusiastically provides parents with practical resources and tools for helping their children make good choices. I highly recommend using Mara as a guest speaker.”
Shirley Green – Senior Development Executive at UJA- Federation of New York

“Mara Yacobi brings commitment and passion to her work which helps to create an atmosphere where adolescents feel safe and comfortable addressing important issues that affect them on their journey to sexual maturity… Mara’s understanding of Jewish culture gives her a unique perspective to discuss a range of moral and social issues relating to sex and sexuality.”
—Maria Simonetti, Health Educator, NY

“As a USY Divisional Leader, I knew I had to ask Mara to be our key note speaker at a Shabbaton when my son actually came home from one of her high school workshops and said, “this really cool Jewish lady did an awesome speech on pregnancy prevention”. Mara’s speech was such a success that the members of our region requested she come back to visit our summer retreat at camp Ramah. I strongly encourage every Jewish youth serving professional to have Mara speak to their youth group. Given today’s climate, she has valuable information to share and the teens adore and respect her.”
—Bruce Varon, KOACH Divisional Director for USY Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Orange and Greenwich counties, NJ

“Mara graced my classroom on many occasions. She presented sensitive topics in a very professional and nurturing way which allowed my students to feel comfortable with their questions and concerns. Her smile and winning attitude is much appreciated in the sex education classroom.”
—Diane Schneider, Ramapo High School Health Teacher, NY

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Testimonials from Parents

From Parents

“It has been my privilege to observe Mara Yacobi teach sexuality education to teenagers. She is extremely bright, outgoing and creative, and makes her classes fun and non-threatening. Teens feel they can ask her any question, and they will get an honest and truthful answer. Anyone taking a course from Mara is very fortunate because they will be armed with information that will help them make better choices in their relationships, as well as protect them from pregnancy and disease. I can’t say enough about her love of teaching and her desire to help teens navigate the difficult road to adulthood.”
—Mimi Gelb, mother of two children who have participated in JLoveandValues workshops, Former Community Health Educator, Planned Parenthood, NY

“Mara has made a positive impact on [both of] my daughters’ lives. In her unique way, she is able to provide teens the tools needed to make healthy and informed decisions. With her help, [my daughters] were a source of information for many of their peers. I truly believe that everyone can benefit through Mara’s programs.”
—Iris Hecht, mother of two children who have participated in JLoveandValues workshops and peer education programs, NY

“I participated in a workshop delivered by Mara Yaccobi, and she left a lasting impression. If there is room to invite her to your school and or directly work with the children, I hope you take a look at what she has to offer.
– Parent of two daughters and participant at Youth Con 2011

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Testimonials from Students

From Students

“I had the privilege of being Mara Yacobi’s student for a number of years. She is by far one of the most thorough Sexuality Education experts that I know. Mara has an extraordinary blend of experience, and superior communication skills. She is able to relate to her audience and make each seminar she does exciting and fun. Mara is one of those individuals who are constantly innovative in her teaching approach. From my personal experience, every teen that participated in Mara’s programs has been impacted positively.”
—Beth Hecht, Graduate of Clarkstown High School North, NY

“Mara has been a vital part of my development into a successful young man. I am without doubt that she can do the same in shaping the younger members of your community. You have my fullest confidence that she will do for your young adolescents what she did for me and countless other teenagers throughout her time as a Health Educator and Coordinator for peer education.”
—Sebastian Rodriguez, Peer Education Student at Clarkstown High School North, NY

“Mara’s sex-ed presentation I received as a sophomore in high school not only increased my understanding of my own sexual health, but it also inspired me to work toward a career in promoting adolescent sexual health.”
—Allison Grossman, Former member of Planned Parenthood TIPS Program, NY

“This was a fantastic workshop. One hour was not long enough for this issue!”
—Camp Counselor, Camp Young Judaea, NH

“I liked Mara’s presentation on puberty. I did not know about a few things that my friends had been talking about so it was good to know. It was also funny and I really enjoyed it. I did not feel uncomfortable at all.”
—4th Grade Student, Reuben Gittelman Hebrew Day School, NY

“[I liked] how [Mara] was really nice and made sure to answer everyone’s questions and she showed us that she cared.”
—6th Grade Student, Reuben Gittelman Hebrew Day School, NY

“This presentation made me realize what it means to be a true leader.”
—Youth Group Counselor for USY, NY

“I liked how Mara gave us some basic techniques for dealing with difficult situations when we work with our campers. The information was modern and the up-date on current social web sites that teens use was really helpful.”
—Youth Group Counselor for USY, NY

“The information presented was incredibly relevant and relatable.”
—Youth Group Counselor for USY, NY

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