Summer Camp Staff Training

summer camp staff trainingAudience-Electrifying Multi Media Keynote

Signs of Our Times

In this fun & interactive Keynote, Mara uses mixed media, role plays & audience participation to highlight current trends & social issues bound to surface at your camp this summer. Adolescent Sexuality & Bullying are explored with the emphasis on fostering a culture of safety & respect. Don’t miss out on this dynamic keynote!

Exclusive Interactive Educational Workshops

Beyond Bullying

Recognizing the Effects of Bullying & Breaking the Cycle of Aggression
Counselors will learn a 4-step model for creating an inclusive camp environment and recognize how to intervene during aggressive situations.

Touring this Summer!

Everything a Counselor Needs to Know
Counselors will review the physical, emotional and social developmental tasks of teens, including normal versus problematic behavior and learn the appropriate response to difficult questions about romance and relationships.

CyberSpeak: DYundRst& w@ I’m sAyn?

Understanding Your Campers State of Mind
Counselors will learn how to understand their campers in the Facebook era and how to assist campers with their behavior and impulses in stressful situations.

Dignity & Developmental Disabilities

Considerations for Counselors working with Campers who have Developmental Disabilities
Counselors will acquire the knowledge and skills to work with campers with disabilities in a dignified manner. The workshop will review appropriate social interactions, boundaries, how to adapt to different learning styles and a model for sexual abuse prevention designed especially for this population.

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