Weekend Retreat with JLoveandValues

Your Issues • Your Choices • Your Life

weekend retreatDo we truly prepare Jewish teens and young adults for the social encounters that occur during the weekend retreat, Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties and trips to Israel? In these contexts, the experience of being in a social, non-academic environment often leads to intense bonding between friends and romantic exploration.

JLoveandValues provides a retreat experience that:

  • engages young people in conversations about the issues that affect them today
  • supports them in making healthy decisions
  • helps them clarify how Jewish values play a central role in leading a Jewish life

The Weekend

The weekend begins on Friday evening with an opening speech establishing guidelines for creating a safe and respectful environment. This is followed by an interactive dialogue on relationships, dating, and the influence of popular culture. The following day, participants join in workshops to discuss issues related to Jewish values and human sexuality, using their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. On the final day, there is a closing assembly, after which Mara meets the parents.
Values Presented: Responsibility (Achriut), Supporting your Friends (Dibuk Lechaverim), Appropriate Behavior/the Way of the Land (Derekh Eretz), Positive View of the Future (Tikvah)
Target Audience/Suggested Venue: Youth Group Weekend Retreat